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Beau Monde's Clinic began since 21 years, with head office in Cochin. We have branches in Kochi, Thrichur, Calicut, Kollam, Delhi, Bangalore,Trivandrum, Alapuzha, Palakkad, Kottakal, Kannur, Adoor, Muvattupuzha and Kanjaghad. Beau Monde's Clinic is providing treatments for fixing problems like baldness, skin treatments, slimming programs etc. We adapt American and European techniques for Baldness and Slimming treatments respectively. Our baldness treatments are free of side effects because it is surgical free.

There are two type of Hair fixing

  1. Permanent Fixing (Pasting)
  2. Semi Permanent Fixing (Bonding)

Permanent fixing cannot be removed these will be like part of the body & this will really lighten the body. The Semi-permanent one can be detached any time if necessary. This process can be done in minutes The experts will teach accordingly. We have lot of existing customers every day lot of customers come to our said branches and get back home fully satisfied and fully confident. There is no age limit.

The fixing will be done in such a way that it will never look artificial & there is no side effects or inconvenience at all. There is a non surgical procedure, so there is no need of tearing your & punching your No Pain at all this procedure will take just 2 hours only.

The designing is done according to the structure & thickness of the existing hair. If the existing hair of the person is curly or straight visa versa the hair can be find accordingly. And the main important thing is we design only for the particular area if it is at the centre portion only that part can be find if it is at the front portion only that part also can be find. This fixed hair can be combed in any direction can have bath, can swing, can do all normal activities

One thing is to be cared that these hair is not a living hair it has no life. So this does not grow so just care it, according to the instruction given by the advisers.

We Gateway Beau Mondes is a known firm around the film stars because lot of stars have selected Gateway Beau Mondes to design themselves. Example our brand ambassador himself is a known film start Cine Star Sidique. An Advice to the youth

Get the hair fined before you fell you are getting bald once you get bald and then fix, people will know the secret. But before you loose your hair completely Gateway Beau Mondes can design hair according to your existing hair styles.